About Us

Public Pharma, was founded, in response to the rising costs of prescription medications. Many American seniors in the late ’90s were taking organized bus trips across the border to purchase more affordable medications from Canadian pharmacies. Online pharmacies, like Public Pharma were created to help more people take advantage of buying affordable medications available in Canada by bringing the savings right to them over their computer or phone line.

In a decade, Public Pharma has grown to employ hundreds of staff out of its head office. Together with its licensed international partner pharmacies, Public Pharma has filled millions affordable prescription orders for customers all over the world. Public Pharma is the largest and most trusted international mail order prescription provider and we are the global leader in providing prescription medications online.

Public Pharma is committed to offering its customers the very best prices on the best brands and generic medications from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This commitment to affordable medications is combined with our commitment to providing the best services and pharmacy care in the industry. No other online pharmacy can match our level of customer service, price guarantees and a hassle-free return policy.

We’re proud of the organization we have built here at Public Pharma. All that matters for us are the patients who invite us into their homes through the medications we provide and the services that we offer to our customers. We will never compromise on offering the best services and care to each and every one of our customers.

Publicpharma.org is one of the top-notch portals in delivering medications at discounted rates. Our main concern is to provide our customers high-quality medicines so that everyone who’s affected by the expensive local pharmacies can access medications at affordable prices. We provide high-quality drugs with high-quality service all around the world.

We firmly believe that quality always matters when it comes to your health. Therefore, we will not be compromising on safety and authenticity of the product/medication. We pay attention to the quality of medications and deal with reliable manufacturers, so all drugs on our website are dispensed by licensed pharmacists. The experts working behind know what is safe and what is not. All the products listed have been tried and tested. Laboratory reports are available for all the products also.


Publicpharma.org also offers the stress-free service, that is, buy medications without prescription. That is not what these expensive pharmacies offer. We understand that a personal concern brought you to our page, so here we do not believe in increasing your worries. Instead, we will like to solve it for you. We understand that you all are individuals who know what they are taking. Still, for any information you can contact our support. Counselors, partnered with us, deal with many clients on daily basis. So, there is no doubt in saying that publicpharma.org offers a platform where you can, not only purchase medicine, but can also get guidance on that.


There are many Pharmacists who guide us through the whole procedure. Soon, there will come blogs on Interaction, possible side effects, and all the information on every product. We not only sell medicines, but also take care of what an individual might want to know, additionally. Keep checking the Blog section to see if you need to have the information, which you might have been lacking.


Taking it a little step ahead, we have a team of dieticians and nutritionists also. If you deal with obesity and all the problems that come with it, you can always buy the monthly subscription and get customized meal plans/ workout plans. A complete guidance on medications will also come under that.

Health is wealth. We believe in it. We stand by it. Everyone on Publicpharma.org is thriving to improve your health. Database of all the clients is kept safe and confidential to know the exact demands of people signing up to the website and making purchases. An online pharmacy like this is hard to find, we wish you stick by it, if landed here. Services offered are unmatchable and will make you stay.

We’re focused on impeccable delivery as we value every customer. We take an exceptional care of our customer’s privacy, so, we guarantee that you can rely on us. We provide fast and convenient service so that you can get your order as soon as possible. The Shipping Department has the expertise in shipping parcels, ensuring on the point stealth and packaging. This ensures your product is not broken or destroyed on its way to you.


The team of Physicians, Pharmacists and technicians here are completely professional. We know how to take care of people visiting the website.